Rhodes: A COLOSSAL way to end a Greek Odyssey (see what I did there?)

Frantisek Kupka - Colossus of Rhodos by ahisgett, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  ahisgett 

I expected to see this in my mind’s eye when we arrived on the ferry from Kos, but placing the Colossus in “the place it once stood” was much more difficult than I imagined. I did recognize our hotel as we motored past the beach we would stay on for the next three days, though. Thanks, Google Maps. After we arrived we had a tiny bit of difficulty finding our way to the hotel. It turns out the Old Town of Rhodes is an old medieval city with crazy confusing streets and alleyways and stuff that can be a bit disorienting. We took care of that as soon as we found a tourist information booth, and soon we were checking into our beach-front room on the other side of town. The wind was up a bit, so we hung out by the pool working on our tans before heading into town for a cheap meal of Gyros.

Rhodes beach view.

The view from our room in Rhodes. Not bad, right?

My memory is a little fuzzy on what happened next, but I’m pretty certain we spent the  better part of the next two days staring at this view from either our balcony or the beach itself. The beaches on Rhodes are great. You could lay out on a towel if you wanted to, or you could pay 4 Euro for a ticket to use a city-owned beach chair and umbrella for the day. HELLO. After weeks of sightseeing, archaeological sites, and adventure, it was time to just chill out on the beach. The water was a little warmer, it was easy to get in and out of, and the sun was shining nonstop. We were even responsible enough adults to not get sunburned. I GUESS WE REALLY DID GROW UP.

Venturing into Rhodes’ Old Town

After a while, you feel like just laying in the sun is the kind of thing a serpent or turtle would do, and I guess it is, so you get up and do something. On our last day in Rhodes we headed into town in the morning to see some sights.

Rhodes Waterfront

The castle walls at the waterfront with a minaret sticking up in the background, reminding us that Rhodes was once part of the Ottoman Empire.

Carolyn in Rhodes

Look! It’s Aphrodite! Wait…it’s Carolyn! Even better!


Rhodes Old Town

Streets of Old Town, Rhodes.

Rhodes Cat

Rhodes cat is watching you choose a place to eat.

Rhodes harbor

The Yacht harbor in Rhodes with it’s clear, cool, blue water.

Rhodes Mosque and Coastline

Rhodes Mosque, with the Mediterranean and Turkish coastline in the distance.


Carolyn taking some beautiful photos in the castle of the Knights of Rhodes.

Rhodes Castle

The castle of the Rhodes’ sect of the Knights of Malta.

Rhodes Castle

Stairway in Rhodes Castle.

See? No need to worry, we got a good helping of culture while we were in Rhodes. It made for a good break from the sun. Of course, after a delicious lunch at this little place called Boukia Boukia, we were back out on the beach for the rest of our last day on the island. Greece is a beautiful, beautiful country. I don’t really know how to describe the depth and hue of the blue only than to say nothing on earth has ever seemed so blue to me. When you combine the cool sea with the hot, barren landscape, and the short, white buildings it’s just magical. I think the Greek Islands might be my favorite place on the planet so far. Well, let me rephrase. The Greek Islands are my favorite place on the planet so far, and with hundreds more to choose from, I can easily imagine many return trips to explore new places in the future.

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