Taming the wanderlust

My oh my, has the wanderlust been hitting me hard lately or what? (It has, that was a rhetorical question.) I think it’s the weather getting warmer, the smell of the flowers and herbs in the garden blossoming, and the fact that a year ago Mrs. Primate and I were on the biggest trip that we’ll (probably) ever make. When you add the reality of I’m-not-going-to-have-an-opportunity-to-leave-the-country-for-at-least-a-year to the general feeling of oh man I feel so stuck in San Antonio right now it makes for a palpable feeling of meh. Here’s some things I’ve been doing to combat it.

  1. Focusing on the good ol’ career. This is the thing that’s going to make bigger, better adventures possible (and allow us to stay at the W instead of some ratty old hostel next time we’re in Barcelona if it advances the way I plan.
  2. Cooking things that remind me of places I’ve been. The senses of taste and smell give me the strongest connection to places I’ve been, I can totally capitalize on that. Candles are helpful too, as is the “Hawaiian Aloha” vent clip I just put in my car to combat the smell of mildew.
  3. Watch travel shows on TV. Okay, I’m not really sure if this makes it better or worse, but it kinda feels like learning more about places I’d like to go helps me focus on something other than wishing I could be somewhere I’ve already been.
  4. Work on the house. We need to finish it out the way we want it to be finished in pretty short order, and housework always makes you feel better. For real. It’s something about seeing your results in real time. We need new dressers, a new couch, and to replace some light fixtures.
  5. Find things to be excited about. For example, after submitting my tax return for 2013 in February, it was finally approved today and we’ll be able to make a big payment on our TV and computer! (For real, what took 90 days?)
  6. Get interested in something. My interest in fitness has waned a bit, my interest in finding a pillow that will allow me to wake up not feeling like I’ve been hit by a freaking MAC truck has increased. Maybe one of those memory foam mattress toppers would help too. This went a bit off topic, didn’t it?
  7. Plan for the future. This is a frustrating exercise in knowing what you want to achieve and dickering with yourself about how to make it possible. Is there a book that tells you how to end up with a small bed and breakfast that doesn’t need the income stream of guests to remain afloat somewhere with a good view of the Mediterranean?

Yeah, so these are some things that I’ve been doing to focus on how to really get to the lifestyle that we want to have. It might mean a bit of studying and learning and a lot of work, especially the “career” one. As one of my coworkers told me though, You gotta step out of the boat if you want to walk on water. She’s wise. Put in the work now, reap the benefits later. Sounds good to me. Not all those who wander are lost, but I’m pretty sure that if you wander too long you can get lost.


Morning Bliss

iPhone honeymoon photos

Morning time was up until last Friday, a whirlwind of wake up early, have a cup of coffee and quick breakfast, shower and get ready for work, and shove off to sit in traffic for an hour before a day at the office. My schedule changed and now I have time to really enjoy my morning. I can blog, dream about the future, and enjoy multiple cups of coffee. I’m also getting a little more time with Mrs. Primate as our schedules are more similar now than they used to be. We’ve got kind of a lot going on in life right now with family, new careers, a home that requires a bit of upkeep and all of those trappings of life, but in the morning I feel like I have time to sit back and think of how good life is now, and how great it’s going to be in the future.

We have this fantasy dream plan of one day retiring and opening a bed and breakfast somewhere nice, meeting new people every day and letting our investment pay the costs of our retirement. That’s so far off that it really is just a dream at this point, but it’s nice to have a few minutes to focus some thought on it. In the three or four hours I have between waking up and getting ready for work I think about lots of things.

Sometimes I stare into the dark abyss of my coffee and think about morning coffees at various hotels in Europe, or at the Island Hotel in Bali. Lots of times I’ll read blogs like Chasing the Donkey and think about how nice it would be to live as an expat again. Sometimes I just think about what I want to have for dinner. It’s a far cry compared to the morning rush of the last six months or so. What’s even better is that as Mrs. Primate gets ready, the scents of her soaps and perfumes waft down the hall and tickle my nose, and I can just get up and walk over for a kiss. Yes, my mornings are bliss right now.