Zeitgeist of my life position

So I was reading this great post by Britany Robinson over at her Stars on the Ceiling blog and found it really timely because I was planning on doing sort of a zeitgeist thing for where I’m at to close out the A-to-Z challenge this year. I feel like her idea of a “big trip to find a place to settle” is sort of how my past year went. We ended up in a somewhat unexpected, but entirely plausible place at the end of our first year of marriage, and our focus on life shifted from adventure, travel, and gaining worldly experience to planning for the future, creating a solid financial foundation, and creating a strong enough career that later on in life we can shift focus again and maintain the lifestyle that we want.

I think it’s always kind of a sentimental time when you shift gears. I mean, do I wish I could backpack through Thailand, Japan, China, and Europe again? Uh, yeah. Would I trade where I’m living now for our drafty old moldy apartment in Korea? Not on your life, buddy. Is my current line of work much more difficult and tedious than what I’ve done over the past six or seven years? Yes. Is the payoff better? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

If I hadn’t taken a few years away from the rat race to get out, see the world, and learn that no matter what you do it’s going to turn into a j-o-b, then I don’t think I’d appreciate where I’m at now nearly as much. I’d really regret it if I stayed at my old job and never hit the road, struggled through layoffs trying to make a “passion” job work for me, and moved overseas for a few years. I think I needed that kind of formative experience.

So basically, whereas a year ago focus was on travel, adventure, and seeing new places; life has shifted to a bit more concentration on stability and working towards the future, but that’s good because the future seems less ambiguous now.


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